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FTS is a leader in putting sustainability back into plastic use. With the horrific over use of plastic in today's world some changes need to be made. Plastic does not go away, it stays around for 100's of years. Plastic waste accumulates year after year in the oceans and landfills or as litter. Out of sight is not out of mind. We should not be leaving our plastic waste for others as yet unborn to deal with. FTS replaces existing single use products with landfill-biodegradable plastic versions of them. This way they will be gone in 5-15 years and not be there for our descendants to deal with. Or for longer life items we make them from recycled plastic so that no new plastic is being introduced. This saves our resources as well as reduces our plastic input. FTS specialises in products for the contaminated land industry but is branching out into other areas like biodegradable plastic stretch film for wrapping shipping pellets. Landfill-biodegradable dog waste bags is another item offered. There is so much that needs to be done to bring us back to sustainable operations and FTS has taken on this challenge and is showing it is possible.

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